Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Walk 19: Parisian Necropolis: Cimetière du Père-Lachaise

I've visited cemeteries before, but nothing has even come close to the scale (188 acres!), importance, or general creepiness of Père-Lachaise. Cemeteries are fairly self-explanatory, so this entry will be picture-heavy.

Heloise and Abelard, famous French scholars and lovers of the 12th century. They were torn apart by Heloise's uncle and finished out their lives in solitude, but their remains were moved here, together, in 1817.

Jim Morrison. One of the only graves I could say was crowded, and some French teenagers were definitely smoking joints up here.

And a real musician, Frederic Chopin.

Shaina, Emily, Richard, and I kissing Oscar Wilde's tomb, although sans lipstick, as is usually custom. Knowing a little bit about Oscar Wilde, I really think he would have liked the idea of people kissing his grave--it's exactly the kind of eccentric thing he relished.

And these are just some that I liked. Nobody famous.

The plaque translates as "Alone at last!"

I bet this guy had a great sense of humor.

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