Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Walk 12: Time Travel, Tricks, and Treats around Saint-Sulpice

Did Saint Sulpice ring a bell? Yep, you've got it, it's the church made famous by The DaVinci Code, where Silas, the monk, goes in search of the Grail. It's the second-largest church in Paris, but I'm afraid it's not much to look at. This is me with the gnomon and the meridian line, which are also key in The DaVinci Code.

Besides the church, this walk encompassed a couple of pastry shops, a figurine store, and a statue of a centaur. But these were my favorite finds:

An old lady carrying a black cat in a birdcage and a mattress, leaned up against a building for safe keeping. Sometimes, Paris surprises you. Actually, all the time.

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